Coral Gables, August 30, 2023SL FINANCIAL is an actuarial consulting and advisory firm based in Miami, Florida. We offer complete actuarial solutions in both traditional (re)insurance and alternative risk financing industries.


Like many experts, actuaries are stepping into a variety of non–traditional roles and are becoming more recognized in a vast array of fields. One of the roles that have received more attention in recent years is the actuary as an expert witness. An actuary providing expert testimony plays a crucial role in litigation by providing critical information that can help resolve disputes.


Actuaries face several challenges when providing expert testimony, including explaining or communicating complex technical concepts to non-actuaries and maintaining objectivity. Actuaries who provide expert testimony must be well-prepared, maintain objectivity, and communicate effectively. By following these best practices, actuaries can help ensure that their testimony is effective and informative.


Case Study – Lawsuit and Arbitration Support

SL FINANCIAL recently helped a large insurance company in the Caribbean (the “Company” or “Client”) to estimate the effect of imposing French unlimited motor liability to insureds in its jurisdictions. The methodology used for our study centered around the following steps:

  • Define the problem by discussing with the Company and its attorneys.
  • Design the solution by gathering market data and performing various actuarial analysis.
  • Monitor results and effectiveness of the solution by preparing the Company for hearing.

Our findings were presented to the Company its attorneys and presented as exhibit at the supreme court hearing, resulting in a judgment in favor of our Client and likely jurisprudence case for the future.

For any question or media inquiry, please visit our website at www.sl-financial.com or contact our team at that ceo@sl-financial.com.




Achille Sime



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